"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing." Warren Buffett

Targe Capital targets medium sized companies with a history of profitability in the range of R2 million to R15 million operating profit, although it has access to the financial resources to invest in a larger business should the opportunity warrant this. We will consider businesses located anywhere in South Africa that meet our criteria.

We are unconstrained by the processes and bureaucracy of large corporate investors. We offer a fast, personal approach to dealmaking and share the entrepreneurial outlook of our clients.


• Invests primarily its shareholders' own capital

• Has access to a number of leading SA private equity investors for syndication of larger deals

• Seeks to generate superior long term returns but is not tied to a specific time line for exit

• Will only invest in businesses in which management has a meaningful interest

• Will take either minority or majority stakes, provided that it is able to have significant influence on major strategic decisions

• Will only invest in highly capable management teams that imply the need for minimal involvement by Targe Capital in day-to-day management of investee companies

• Has the expertise to lead the structuring, tax planning, negotiation, due diligence, legal drafting, and ultimate sale process of private equity deals

• Will assist in the sourcing and negotiation of all other debt categories appropriate to a deal, including working capital / overdraft, senior debt and mezzanine debt

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